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As mentiras que elegeram um coelho

Eis um coelho que os portugueses prefeririam ver assado no espeto ou no forno do que a «governar» o país. Obviamente que os que estão de dieta preferi-lo-iam grelhado...

Tiago Mesquita (

Foram umas atrás das outras. Tantas mentiras, promessas vãs e falsas intenções que se torna difícil, à distância, contabilizar ou condensá-las. As ilusões saltavam da boca de Pedro como pipocas à porta do cinema. O Dom Sebastião de Massamá vinha para fazer esquecer os seis dolorosos anos de Idade Média socrática. É diferente dos outros? Não. Mentira e política são, infelizmente, duas faces da mesma moeda. Mas Pedro tinha uma responsabilidade especial. A seguir aos governos socialistas, dada a destruição e delapidação com que nos brindaram, provavelmente um pinguim social-democrata conseguiria ser eleito primeiro-ministro sem grandes sobressaltos. Ou seja, Passos não foi eleito por ser Pedro mas por ser o outro, o não José. Por isso não tinha qualquer necessidade de mentir descaradamente ou prometer o que sabia perfeitamente não poder cumprir. Passos enganou os portugueses, que na altura pouco mais lhe exigiam do que falar verdade. Fica o vídeo. Dá para rir, acreditem.

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Thor disse...

Diogo, lá no xatoo disseste tudo.
a China está controlada pela máfia sim senhora.
até no próprio dinheiro que lá circula, se nota isso, e tem lá a marca das bestas.

a Rússia e a China são obviamente controladas pela máfia Rothschild e etc
os únicos países que ainda lhes escapam é sobretudo o Irão e depois a Venezuela em parte, a Coreia do Norte, e um bocado da Síria, embora já tenham destruído metade desse país.

todo o restante planeta está ocupado pela máfia e isso é factual. não é uma opinião.

Diogo disse...

Caro Thor, isso é óbvio. Todo o planeta está controlada pela elite financeira.

E também o Irão, a Venezuela, a Coreia do Norte e o bocado da Síria.

Eles mantêm estes papões para justificar o complexo militar-industrial...

O Puma disse...

Passos Coelho?
Um dia falaremos de coisas sérias

Américo disse...

Coelho, apesar de todas as asneiras, foi o único PM após 74 que governou, forçado talvez , mas governou. Os demais gastaram.

Mas você não deve ter inteligência suficiente para entender isso.

Pedro Lopes disse...

"Coelho, apesar de todas as asneiras, foi o único PM após 74 que governou, forçado talvez , mas governou. Os demais gastaram.

Mas você não deve ter inteligência suficiente para entender isso."

Governou muito bem.
A divida continua na mesma mas governou bem. O Desemprego é o mais elevado de todos os tempos mas governou bem.

Roubar ao povo aumentando todos os impostos e criando novos impostos para pagar aos senhores da finança ou dos mercados é uma acto de grande coragem. E de seriedade.

Grande estadista.

O que mais me custa ainda é haver paspalhos que emborcam este tipo de propaganda de que a austeridade é uma coisa séria e competente. E que os mercados financeiros são uma coisa respeitável.

Ó paspalho, acorda, o dinheiro é feito do nada. Não vejas TV. Não oiças o marcelo, nem o rangel, nem o vitorino, nem o marques mendes, nem o bernardino, nem o fazenda nem o porco xavier.

Thor disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Thor disse...

esse 'asnónimo' deve ser o Alf, ou então outro atrasadinho do mesmo calibre.

pensar que a esta altura do campeonato, ainda existem alienados que defendem corruptos e traidores.

"Governou muito bem.
A divida continua na mesma"

na mesma, não. só tem é aumentado, desde que ele e o mafioso Portas lá puseram os cascos.

João disse...

Olá Diogo
O ser humano desprotegido merece consideração. A minha consideração para com eles é não alimentar as vaidades dos políticos e dos manipuladores. Os políticos são apenas marionetas. Falam falam e n dizem nada, que alimente os desgraçados.
E as piadas e as únicas que gosto de ver e que mostram alguma coisa de diferente é a obra politico-satírica do Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.
Porque não as publicam????!!!! Dói a muitos né. Foi à mais de cem anos e merda continua a mesma ou pior.

Anónimo disse...

The Elite( jew) Declared War Against Us. They Expect #Resistance.

Posted on May 11, 2015 by horse237

The #elites have been at war with #America all my life. I can remember in high school reading a Foundation study saying we needed to cut world population to a billion or so people. There have been hundreds of studies since which also concluded billions of people like you and me should stop breathing.

I think I am justified to conclude that anyone who wants to kill 6 billion people has declared war against us.

I have decided to write this essay based on an article by Brandon Smith which appeared at Zero Hedge. It included a talk given by Max Boot on insurgencies. It seems the rich and powerful are worried that the 5 or 6 #billion who are supposed to die to benefit the Uber Rich might object to decisions made concerning their early demise.

Smith specifically mentioned the US Army exercise Jade Helm which is using resources from the FBI and the DEA. This is clearly not an exercise designed to train US troops for battle in Iraq or Iran. He thinks the billionaires are preparing to defend their position because they know we are near an economic collapse.

I have said that the Mossad has put forward two publicity campaigns to explain to American Christians that an economic collapse in September of 2015 and even a war were the Will of God and not caused either by the gross criminality of Bankers or by Israeli Warhawks.

#China has decided to apply to the IMF to add the yuan to the SDR basket of currencies. America depends on its ability to print the world’s reserve currency to feed itself. Wall Street has stolen everything so when we lose our reserve currency status 80% of Americans will be reduced to abject poverty. That is unless we reform the system.

There is so much corruption in our government that Bankers have been allowed to steal money by the tens of trillions of dollars and yet not one man from Wall Street has seen the inside of a jail. But then the Chinese are doing the same. The wealthy of China created nearly a trillion a year in false invoices to get money out of the country. They do have $4 trillion in British banks in the Caribbean. Asia Times magazine says the Banks launder at least $200 billion a year in bribes for Chinese officials.

My previous essay explored that relationship between the elite in America and China. I concluded that a threatened Thermonuclear involving the US, China and Russia could be used to keep the exploited citizens of those nations in line after their economies collapse more devastatingly than during the Great Depression.

Max Boot is an adviser to the Defense Department on insurgencies. His advice is well heeded by the elite. They need to control the flow of information to prevent Americans from resisting. Boot thinks American won the Revolutionary war because British public opinion turned against the war and its costs. Americans did make more money than did British workmen. But he thinks that the British could have won if they had waged war like the Romans did against Spartacus. Crucify a few thousand rebels. Only a minority of the colonials supported the revolt anyway.

Anónimo disse...

Max Boot does not understand America. He was born in Moscow. He was raised in Los Angeles in a Jewish family and attended America’s best universities. But he actually thinks crucifying Americans could work. American Christians would seriously object to crucifixion. If he tried that today, he would not be able to count the number of bullets in the bodies of the men who followed his orders. American cops fired 137 bullets into the bodies of one unarmed couple in a car.

Boot thinks torturing resistance leaders is fine as long as the general public does not get wind of it. He likes the British Malay model. Put the people in concentration camps and cut off their contact with the rebels.

He can monitor us 24/7 with NSA snooping. But that is only good in the initial stages. It intimidates the timid. It also identifies the opposition. The #government knows who does not like them. During the Bush administration, they compiled a list of 8 million people to be ‘Disappeared’ in case of national emergency. There are by now probably many more than that on their ‘To Be Disappeared List’. The problem is that Wall Street’s Minions in DC cannot go into full combat mode against 8 to 10 million people. If they want to ‘Disappear’ 10 million Americans, 20 or 30 million will think they are coming for them because there is no way to know you are not on the ‘Kill list.’ Millions of Americans will grab their guns and shoot the men seeking to do them harm. On Day 2 they will seek vengeance against those who gave the orders. The Resistance will probably cut all electricity going into Washington DC before Day 3 is over. It will not be a pretty sight.

Boot said they should use Special Forces to target specific men in the armed rebellion as the British did in Malay in the 1950s. The US has 25,000 Special Ops soldier. One problem is that even if he can get 50,000 soldiers to go out and grab 10,000 Americans a day, how many days would it take to grab 10 million people? And how many men would come back alive after Day One and then Day Two and Three.

Another problem is that Boot currently has no armed #rebellion so what will he do? He could blow something up like the Israelis and the US government did on 911 at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon. But people are already having trouble believing the lies they are told.

Boot also said the British succeeded by making promises of independence and reform to the people of Malay. That definitely can’t happen here. The Bankers control the government and stole money from us by the tens of trillions. They will not voluntarily go to jail and surrender the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us. Nor will they surrender the right to charge us interest on the money they created out of nothing. And they cannot stop their attacks against the Bill of Rights.

Max Boot, Wall Street and Israel can never offer reform.

Brandon Smith thinks they would use Bio metric IDs to control our movements in isolated cities. That would restrict travel and be bad for business and tourism. Smith cited the example of the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh which used an overwhelming show of force. They had 4,000 cops shut down the city center and allowed access through one street only. What Smith does not say is that the thug cops went to a park and found non-protesting civilians and quite a few students. They cordoned off the innocent and sent in the riot cops to beat people up. That will not fly. People in America are armed. If the mayors and governors do not listen, then someone will start shooting at them and at anyone who orders the cops to round them up and ‘Disappear’ them.

Anónimo disse...

The 2010 census included GPS coordinates for every home in America. They could theoretically use drones and Hellfire missiles to take out the homes of 20,000 or even 50,000 people. That will last until millions of armed men come looking for politicians and Bankers.

There are technically alert people in the resistance who have downloaded various ways to interfere with drones. One is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon. Another is to spoof GPS coordinates as the Iranians did to take down a CIA drone. In any event American military bases require food, water and electricity which can be denied. As I already said, electricity would be cut for the government cities in the early days.

The following is Brandon Smith’s advice

‘Jade Helm is training to snatch and grab the leaders of the Resistance. Crisis is the best weapon the elites have at their disposal, and exercises like Jade Helm show that they may use that weapon in the near term. The defense that defeats crisis is preparation — preparation not just for yourself, but for others around you. War is coming, and while we can’t know the exact timing, we can assume the worst and do our best to be ready for it as quickly as possible.’

That is sound advice. We also need to establish networks both online and in real life where we can distribute the truth. We need to warn people about an impending economic crisis that will force the Uber Rich to end democracy and to wage an active war against us while staging a conflict with #Russia, China and and their allies.

Depressions are periods in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. Our Criminal Financiers have created more Unpayable Debts than anytime in history which means we are headed towards the worst Depression in history. We can end this current Depression painlessly by canceling debts scientifically as they did in ancient Babylon. I would recommend that we arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and use those repatriated funds to pay for worldwide Debt Cancellation.

I believe this first article will explain how #Debt Cancellation can be used to permanently remove the elite from power.

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

The following article refers to the Hebrew cycle which predicts Bad Things for America coming on or about September 13, 2015.

Shemitah 2015 Demystified: Will The Economy Drop Like A Rock In September

And this article (also likely inspired by the Mossad) refers to a Hebrew war cycle which ends on or about September 28, 2015.

Was John Hagee Told By The Israelis When They Plan To Blow Up The World?

This article will fill in the gaps in the political education of people who suffered through public schools.

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

These are articles I referred to above:

When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It

by Brandon Smith

Military Site’s Forecast for 2025: Economic Collapse Will Lead to Massive 78% Depopulation in America